With over 1.8 million inhabitants, Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany after Berlin. The city is also one of Germany’s 16 federal states. 

Here you can find information about some of the top sights in Hamburg and about using the public transport system.


The Alster is a river in the centre of Hamburg. You can get a beautiful view of the city centre from the Lombard Bridge. There is a 7 km path running along the Alster for walking and cycling. In the summer, you can barbecue at marked spots along the Alster.

The Jungfernstieg (U/S Bahn station Jungfernstieg) is located right beside the Inner Alster. The Jungfernstieg is an attractive and very popular shopping street. The Rathausmarkt and the Hamburg Town Hall are located a short distance from the Jungfernstieg. The Town Hall is the seat of Hamburg’s government and parliament. You can visit parts of the Town Hall free of charge during the day.

The Hamburger Hafen (Hamburg Port) is situated at the River Elbe and is Germany’s biggest sea port. You can get good views of the river and the port by getting out at the U/S Bahn station Landungsbrücken. The HADAG port ferries depart from the Landungsbrücke station, you can travel on these with a HVV ticket.

The two districts Speicherstadt and HafenCity are situated east of the Landungsbrücken (U1 Meßberg, U3 Baumwall, U4 Überseequartier). Speicherstadt is a historical warehouse district and UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is famous for its red brick architecture and its waterways between the buildings. HafenCity is a newly-created district which is characterised by its modern architecture. One outstanding building is the Elbphilharmonie concert house.

The Elbstrand is a small beach beside the port. You can get there with the number 112 bus or the 62 ferry (Övelgönne station).

The U3 stops at many places to see in Hamburg (Sankt Pauli, Landungsbrücken, HafenCity, Stadtpark) and offers a small tour around the city.

Public transport with the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund (HVV) 

You can get to most places in Hamburg by train or by bus. The U and S Bahn metro services run every 5-10 minutes during the week until 11 pm. On Friday and Saturday nights, the trains run throughout the night at 20 minute intervals.

You can find more information about tickets or timetables at the HVV service points located at the following stations:

You can also find more information on www.hvv.de/en or by using the free HVV app.

Please bear in mind that the HVV network extends beyond the Hamburg metropolitan area, however you are required by law to remain within the city boundaries for as long as you have to live in an initial reception centre (Erstaufnahmeeinrichtung).

Mobility for all

Here you can find a map with symbols showing which of the U- and S-Bahn stations in Hamburg are fully accessible for people with a disability so that they can travel on their own and mostly without needing help from others (barrierefrei). The symbols are explained in German on the left side: https://www.hvv.de/resource/blob/2446/b98693006b688e14d5b64bd3eff842ce/hvv_mfa_usar-plan_einstiegshilfen.pdf

Furthermore, there is live information on the functionality of the lifts at the stations: https://www.hvv.de/de/aufzuege

You can find further information on the topic of “Mobility for all” by the HVV here (in German): https://www.hvv.de/de/mfa

Note for Ukrainian refugees

You can find an overview with all relevant information about public transport in Hamburg in Ukrainian and German here: https://www.hvv.de/de/ukraine.


As a resident at an initial reception centre (Erstaufnahmeeinrichtung), you will also be given an HVV Mobility Ticket (Mobilitätskarte) for all public transport in Hamburg (areas A and B). You will receive the ticket in the Ankunftszentrum (arrival centre). You can renew it at the Ausländerbehörde (foreign nationals authority) at Hammer Straße 30-34.

The ticket must be returned as soon as you move to secondary housing (Folgeunterkunft) or receive a residence permit (Aufenthaltserlaubnis).

You then have to buy a ticket at the HVV:

  • You are entitled to an additional discount (Sozialrabatt) when you buy a monthly HVV ticket. At the office where you receive your benefits (Grundsicherungsamt (Fachamt für Grundsicherung und Soziales, Office for needs-based pension supplement in old age and in the event of reduced earning capacity and for social affairs) or Jobcenter (Jobcenter team.arbeit.hamburg, job centre)) you can get a form. At the moment, it is likely that you have to call the office or send them an email stating your reference number (Kundennummer or Bedarfgemeinschaftsnummer) and the number of persons that need the discount. Then the form will be sent to you. With this form you get the discount (Sozialrabatt) when you buy a monthly ticket at a HVV service point. Further information on the discount (Sozialrabatt):  https://www.hamburg.de/sozialkarte/14947422/sozialrabatt-hvv/
  • There are several other tickets. You can buy tickets from the bus driver in a bus, from a ticket machine, in the HVV app or at one of the HVV service points.

You do not need to validate your ticket. When travelling by bus you should enter at the front of the bus and show the bus driver your ticket. Ticket inspectors may check your ticket on the bus and U or S Bahn. They may also check it on U- and S-Bahn platforms. For this reason, you should always keep your ticket until after you have left the station!

There are different types of ticket: 

  • Single tickets (Einzelkarten) are valid for one journey and are suitable for people who do not use the buses very often. If you buy your single ticket from the bus driver, you should tell them which stop you are travelling to. The bus driver will then sell you the right ticket. If you use a machine, you can click on the upper left section to enter your destination stop.
  • You can buy weekly and monthly tickets (Wochenkarten and Monatskarten) at HVV service points, online (https://www.hvv.de/en/tickets/weekly-monthly-tickets/24-7-season-tickets-site) or via the HVV-App. A passport photo is required.
  • Off-peak season tickets (Teilzeit-Karten) are tickets at special rates. The off-peak season tickets (Teilzeit-Karten) are NOT valid for travel Mondays to Fridays from 6am – 9am and 4pm – 6pm. An off-peak season ticket (Teilzeit-Karte) may be used by one adult and up to three children (aged 6 to 14). You can buy off-peak season tickets (Teilzeit-Karten) at HVV service points or online (https://www.hvv.de/en/tickets/weekly-monthly-tickets/off-peak-season-ticket).

Children under the age of 6 do not need a ticket to use public transport. 

Last Updated: 12/01/2022