Migration counseling centers

Migration counseling centers serve to support migrants in everyday life. Consultation in the public centers is free but limited in time. The centers answer questions about everyday problems and also help you with German language problems.

Note that there are different migration counseling centers for different target groups:

Migration counseling for adult migrants (MBE)


These centers are intended for newly arrived migrants with residence rights and naturalized citizens. There are many centers in almost all districts of Hamburg. Note that in many cases private entities stand behind the centers, in some cases also the Church. They help, for instance, in questions concerning housing or residence.

Youth migration services (JMD)


Youth migration services are directed at young migrants up to 27 years of age. They fight for equal opportunity and offer integration programs. There are several centers which are partially backed by private institutions as well as Church initiatives.

Counseling for refugees


The refugee center Hamburg support asylum applicants, people with uncertain residential status, or without residence permits, resettlement and received refugees, as well as a few other target groups. It provides help for asylum questions but also offers advice on topics such as work. For more information visit our web site (also available in Arabic, French, English, Dari, Farsi, and Russian).

Address: Adenauerallee 10
Tel.: +49 40 2840790

For general information about counseling centers, please visit www.hamburg.de/migrationsberatung