Sozialmanagement (social management)

The Sozialmanagement (social management) at your shelter is your first contact for any questions you may have. There you will be given advice on any questions and further offers may be pointed out to you.

Informationguides (Information guides)

The Informationguides (acronym IGRIs) are volunteers who come to visit you in small groups at your shelter about once a month. Simply talk to the IGRIs. They will answer your questions and explain the content of this website to you. The IGRIs will help you find the state authority responsible for you in the event of problems and inform you of support projects that could help you. They also help you understand any emails and websites.

The IGRIs can give you information on issues such as asylum procedures, learning German, education and work, financial services, healthcare, life in Hamburg and much more. They bring along flyers with a summary of key information. These flyers are currently available in German, English, Arabic, Farsi, Kurdish and Tigrish.

We are currently looking for volunteers to accompany the IGRIs on visits to the shelters as translators. You can be trained as an Informationguide. Do you speak one or more of the above-mentioned languages? Register via!

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